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Why align your business with GAP

Experience the GAP Difference

GAP’s Development Sales operation provides a complete suite of high quality project marketing services, primarily focusing on high‐density residential apartment buildings. Our project team is one of the most highly credentialed and experienced in Australia’s residential markets; and by aligning your business with ours, we will provide you with access to superior property investment opportunities for your clients. We can do that because of the investment we have made in each of these key areas:

Our People

Exceptional experience for your buyers/clients.

At GAP, we have a team of highly qualified and skilled on‐site sales staff, who have wide ranging experience in off‐ the plan sales and marketing. The importance of our relationship with you is ingrained into each and every one of our sales staff. Therefore you can rest assured that when you introduce a purchaser they will be dealing with highly experienced sales staff who are conscious of where the buyer originated from and that your purchasers will be treated respectfully and will complete a transaction feeling they have made the right decision in their purchase from your advice.

Our Systems.

Seamless experience for your buyers that protects your relationship.

We have developed a range of proprietary systems and procedures that are designed to make the purchase decision and settlement process as seamless as possible. Whilst that’s great for the buyer, importantly your intellectual property is protected too. In order to help you continue to grow your sales networks, we have a system in place that ensures that if we cross paths with your purchasers again, you will be notified and advised on any communication which will help you to maintain a strong relationship with your client. We believe in the sanctity of the advisor/client relationship and have established a system that supports it.


Our Knowledge

Better quality property for your customers or clients.

Our team performs in depth analysis and product research in target areas to devise optimum product. Consequently we are able to assist our developer clients deliver products that are suited to a particular market, meaning your customers will benefit from purchasing superior, well considered and highly targeted investment opportunities.

Our Rigorous Project Assessment

Mitigating false starts and non‐completions.

Ultimately we want you to feel secure in representing any product GAP recommends; that is why our research and development doesn’t stop at just the product. Before we accept a project marketing engagement, we undertake a rigorous risk driven assessment of the project, developer, and developer’s source of funding in order to assure ourselves that the project’s fundamental assumptions will support the project. That up front endeavor ensures that our efforts are optimised and mitigates risk of false‐starts and non‐completions.


Our Relationships

Connecting the best property with the best networks.

Our relationships are what we value most. From our select group of award winning developer clients, to our professional sales networks, it’s our commitment to relationships as well as the depth of our networks that contributes to making us leaders in our field. Connecting the best developers with the best sales networks ultimately creates successes for all of our business partners.