We have seen more dreams turn to reality than any other project marketing company in Brisbane. With over 100 apartment projects on our resume our experience is vast, our systems are well tested and or market reach is second to none. From our sales team of sophisticated highly skilled professionals that only promote your property to our project marketing executives that work hand in hand with you from concept to completion and every bit in-between. Our back of house admin support help push sales through from purchaser signing to settlement. Our relationships and reputation with Banks, Valuers and private funders means you can leverage off these relationships making the development process smoother. Let us fill your sales and marketing GAP and get a lot more than a real estate agency.
  • Why haven’t I seen GAP branding on projects around Australia like other real estate agencies?

    GAP is a business that fills the sales and marketing GAP in your own business and helps build the developer or project brand rather than using developer’s money to promote ourselves.

  • How long has GAP been around?

    GAP’s Directors have been in the property sales and marketing business for over 25 years and are responsible for over $3billion worth of property sales throughout Australia.

  • When should I involve GAP in my project?

    Acquisition stage / Product mix and design. Our professional experience is vast, we help developers design product to fit the market rather than trying to make the market fit the product. So the earlier the better.

  • What if I have a development site, design, brochure & contract will GAP sell and market my property?

    High chance the answer will be No. You are better off discussing with a local real estate agency.  GAP is a full service offering helping developers design, deliver and settle real estate products.

  • What are your fees/commission structure?

    Varied depending on sales strategy, this is discussed in initial free project assessment that follows a quick phone brief.

  • What size developer should use GAP?

    Any, our clients range from single person developer operators to multi national public companies and anything in between.

  • Why would I use GAP as opposed to a local real estate agent or marketing group?

    GAP is a full service property sales and marketing company that sits behind a developer or development brand delivering sales through years of experience providing access to sales avenues that no other company has. We have our own sales executives and financial planning alliances with local, national & international reach providing you with a results driven proven formula so that you can focus on developing and acquiring new sites rather than worrying about sales and marketing strategies and execution.

  • Besides sales, can GAP offer me anything else?

    Definitely, due to our years of experience we have had exposure to development finance/funding, construction challenges/opportunities, development feasibilities, latest trends, joint venture opportunities, off market site opportunities and are more than happy to discuss these areas because we find that sharing our experience gets the best outcome for your development and business.

  • When would I not use GAP?

    When sales success isn’t paramount or when your development is small ( ie 6 suburban townhouses) with no debt and a local agent can sell it over time by holding open houses.

  • Do I get to meet the directors of GAP or am I passed onto a project marketing executive and sales team?

    All developers meet the directors, it is part of our qualifying process. We want to know that our objectives and business goals align before our team gets entrenched in your project.